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Sort the Court! for Windows

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Free Game for Simulation Fans

Sort the Court is a simple simulation game where players are charged with taking on the role of a king and making decisions that will affect the lives of the entire kingdom. Good decisions earn the kingdom money and happiness, while bad decisions cause the kingdom to run into ruination and despair.

King for a Day

At first glance, Sort the Court appears to be rather basic and two dimensional, which is not really helped by the graphics. Players are petitioned by various different people as they sit on their throne and have to choose either yes or no, which they do by simply clicking a button. The outcome of these decisions will either give them more money and happiness or have the reverse effect, and in many cases there is no logic involved, merely blind luck.

Do You Have What it Takes to Rule?

Despite the fact that the graphics are rather basic, Sort the Court has plenty of charm and the cool background music also helps to provide a nice touch. Although action fans are likely to be rather bored quite quickly, people who are looking for a simple way to have fun for a few minutes should take Sort the Court out for a spin. The fact that it is free to play online with no need to download is a real bonus and the game is actually rather addictive.


  • Large cast of characters
  • More than 150 decisions to make


  • Rather basic graphics
  • Based on chance rather than skill


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Sort the Court!


Sort the Court! 2.2.0 for PC


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  • Luna Min Yoongi

    by Luna Min Yoongi

    IT DDIDNT EVEN DOWNLOAD ON MY COMPUTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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